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New Home Design Trends 2022

March 4, 2022

There's no question that the last two years have had a lasting impact on homebuyers' priorities. Throughout the constant uncertainty, people have increasingly seen their homes as a safe haven. Though 2022 promises a return to normalcy, homebuyers continue to seek a place that brings all life's joys under one roof. They want a home that serves more functions than ever before and can evolve with the buyer's changing needs. 

Among our new home buyers in South Jersey, we've seen a continued focus on finding spaces that serve both work and play, a renewed joy in at-home entertaining, and a growing interest in splashes of pattern or colors. 

Bold Colors

Bold colors are becoming a popular way to add personality to a space. While white kitchens continue to reign supreme, blue and green cabinets can serve to accent softer hues, creating a pop of vibrancy. On the exterior of homes, color palettes from the American West have begun to migrate to the East Coast, and our South Jersey new homes are beginning to display deep siding colors set against lighter masonry and aluminum roof elements. 

Expansive Kitchens

It seems like no matter how much or how fast the world changes, the kitchen will always remain the nucleus of the home. The island is a large part of this, as it often connects the kitchen to other living areas and serves multiple purposes. This year, we see buyers again prioritizing kitchen plans with enlarged islands with extra seating for work, prep or hanging out. 

Return of the Formal Dining Room

We didn't think we'd ever see it, but the formal dining room is back!  As buyers migrate from urban apartments to suburban homes, walking down the block to dinner isn't necessarily an option any more. Entertaining at home is making a comeback and people need space to host friends and family. Adjacent to our still popular open-concept kitchens, the dining room provides a much needed separate space, not just for entertaining but also as a staging area for a school art project, an extra room to take Zoom meetings, etc.

Pattern Ceramics

Like bold colors, pattern tiles are a great way to add a splash of delight to a kitchen or bathroom. Our buyers love using southern European motifs in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes with alternative tile colors and shapes. A well-chosen tile pattern can go a long way in creating a true designer feel in a home. 

Flex Rooms

The purpose of an extra room has turned into a constantly evolving concept as basements become home gyms, offices are overrun by kids doing homework, and that spare bedroom becomes a yoga studio, then becomes another office, then turns back into a bedroom. Our needs are changing at a rapid pace, and these flex rooms allow a home to keep up with our lifestyles. Options for rec rooms, additional en suite bathrooms, etc. are a must have in new home floorplans. 

Natural Light

"Bring the outdoors in" is a popular phrase among design bloggers and HGTV hots, and one of their favorite ways to do it is with natural light. As homebuilders, we've always loved using windows to create dramatic spaces, such as this wall-of-windows option in our Oxford two-story family room, bringing in not just light but also the natural beauty of our South Jersey communities. 

Storage Space: Closets, Laundry Rooms and Pantries

Consumer spending reports show a continue increase in American purchases of goods as compared to services or experiences.  For builders, this means we've needed to create more places to put all this stuff.  Storage space - whether it be basements, closets, cabinets, pantries, and laundry rooms - is a priority for all new home buyers. 

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