BEHIND THE WALLS: What lies behind the walls in your new home?

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July 24, 2018

BEHIND THE WALLS:  Paparone Blog Series (#1)

Ever wonder what is really behind the drywall of your new home? Sure, you can see the molding, flooring, plumbing faucets and electrical fixtures. But how about what you don’t see! Over the next several months we will present a series called “Behind the Walls” to discuss some of the industry-leading products that have been selected for your New Home by Bruce Paparone, Inc.

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In our initial blog, we will discuss the plumbing system for the potable water installed in your new home. There are many manufacturers of water supply systems for the residential industry on the market today. With the cost of copper rising and the change in how our water is delivered from the water company, it was time to find a better product that would benefit our new home buyers in South Jersey. With many types of plumbing systems on the market, we spent much time examining the pros and cons of each. After our careful review, we concluded that the FlowGuard Gold® plumbing system was the industry leader in this category.

FlowGuard Gold® has been in business for nearly 60 years, with 100% of their products made in the USA. Their system was developed by a team of experts, including master plumbers, plumbing engineers and Ph.D. chemists to deliver clean, safe drinking water to households across the country.

Benefits of the FlowGuard Gold® system being used in the new homes built by Bruce Paparone, Inc. throughout south Jersey include:

• Resistance to chlorine degradation.
• Will never corrode, pit or scale.
• Delivers hot water faster.
• Protection from water contamination.
• Quiet operation, virtually eliminates noise of running water & rattling pipes.

The choice is clear – FlowGuard Gold® provides the benefits that mean the most to our new home buyers with the highest reliability rating available. We are confident that you will enjoy years of worry-free usage, along with the peace of mind that you have a plumbing supply system developed by the industry’s leading team of experts.

Paparone. is proud to use the only trusted potable water system to be used by new home builders and plumbers since 1959.

For questions or more information on FlowGuard Gold® or our new homes in southern New Jersey, contact one of our sales team managers today, or visit our website at  We are building several new homes communities in Gloucester County, NJ and Burlington, County, NJ, including a 55+ active adult community.

Behind the Walls

What lies behind the walls in your new home?

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